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The Good News is...

 As Starcraft 2 slowly lumbers toward me like a Collosus bent on taking my $50 and leaving me to the mercy of big burly men, to have their way with me. I, like many others filled with foreboding over the arrival of the giant beast, search for any new information that can be gleaned from it's creator Blizzard/Activision.

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Why do I like Real Time Strategy Games?

  This is the question I frequently ask myself after losing a game of Warcraft III or Company of Heroes to an online opponent. I usually attempt to soften the blow by reasoning that my opponent is some high school student with nothing better to do then practice build order and micro online 4 hours a day, or resides in Korea. The sad truth, however, is that I have probably been defeated by opponents in all walks of life. The only difference is that they have natural talent when focusing on multiple small tasks, and I get overwhelmed when I have to answer my phone while driving. Then why is it I still play this type of games that I so clearly struggle at?

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Content drop

It is time for me to stop being lazy and start updating some of the content that has gotten a tad moldy under the Video tab.

Tonight I spent a block of time adding the most current episodes of Endurance Run from Giant Bomb and CO-OP by Area5 Media. Both are video series with high production values, and I suggest you at least watch one of each.

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StarCraft 2: Battle Report 3

On Friday Blizzard released a the 3rd in a series of recorded multiplayer games of StarCraft 2. I really enjoy watching these battles and witnessing early, the tactics those on the internet are going to use to pummel me once SC2 is released.

This video is no where to be found on Blizzard.com or starcraft2.com. it somehow originated through games.nl and is also mirrored in a pair (stupid 10 minute limit) of HD youtube videos. 1 HD video from our friends at GiantBomb.com. Thanks Giant Bomb.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

Left4DeadPC tweeted a link to a Developer Walkthrough of Left 4 Dead 2.  It has a lot of info about the game and some of the new changes (witches that walk around, uncommon common infected, "crescendo" events).  Check it out below:

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Hamachi FTL/FTW

The inevitable has occurred. A discount software company has sold 2 of my friends a game with the same CD-Key.

 On the long trip about 2 weeks ago I and two of my friends (Andy and Bryce) discussed the specifics of the late Ensemble studios game "Age of Mythology" to help pass the time. The discussion whet our appetites for the game and the decision was made that the 2 of them would purchase it on our return and I would rummage through my software pile until I had located mine. We would then re-learn and play it the next week. I eventually found my game and Bryce found a copy at the local Best Buy seemingly value priced at $20. Andy at Bryce's prompting also purchased his copy from the same Best Buy at the same reasonable price.

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The value of $5

A lot of games have been showing up on steam lately. Back catalog titles from Capcom, Activision, and EA have showed up at discounted prices making it a great time to be a PC gamer.

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Gameplay...my friend

it was only a matter of time.. left 4 dead 2 gameplay movies.

Note the new music.


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Next person that complains...

E3 is upon us and big news pours through the internets into my lap like my son's milk when he doesn't use a "sippy." Final Fantasy VII for PS3/PSP, PSP GO, God of War III and even Final Fantasy XIV made appearances so far at the gargantuan convention. What seems to be drawing the most attention, something no one ever expected, is that Valve will be releasing left 4 dead 2 on November 17th.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Valve is going to take more money from me...

Valve announces Left 4 Dead 2 here. Also check out the teaser here.

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