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delusions of grandeur

Christy and I have survived through Sideline Gaming EP 5. But not by much...

  Ever since I started playing Street Fighter IV about a month ago, I have been deeply engrossed by its complexity. As in most good fighting games, much practice will bring about combinations that seem impossible to someone who only knows the basic moveset. Many of these combinations have been captured on video. These are the combinations I aspire to master:

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Experience Diablo 2 again, for the first time

  This weekend I made a return to an old friend, Diablo 2. Last Saturday, 3 of my friends and I played the addictive RPG for 6 straight hours. Bryce and myself had played Diablo 2 separately when it was released in 2000 and we both agreed it has not aged well.

  Although the gameplay is timeless mix of action, treasure collection and role playing elements that could make a game with a graphical style reminiscent of the Atari 2600 playable again, Diablo 2's graphics do not add to the enjoyment of the experience. In my opinion, even by the year 2000's graphical standards, a maximum resolution of 800x600 is antiquated. That is why when I found a multi resolution patch, promising to enable Diablo 2 in resolutions up to 1920x1200, I was excited to try it again. Results were impressive.

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Street Fighter ate my weekend

  Another weekend come and gone... 3 days ago. It seems that I only get started working on items for this website and a week has gone.

 It probably didn't help that I spent the only free portion of my weekend "doing research" for my Street Fighter IV review. Now that the review is out the "Research" will continue under the guise of absolutely blatant time wasting in the grind of "what kick follows the juggle to get the most damage?"

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Duke Nukem Forever

Half a billion years ago a video game development company set out to create a sequel to their then cutting edge video game, Duke Nukem 3D.

The funny thing about the preceding sentence is that there are not 1 but many hyperbole in it.

Ben (Yahtzee) Crenshaw will explain it for me, not in my exact words but accurate none-the-less: 

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Tekken 6 @ EVO

 Since my purchase of Street Fighter 4 I suddenly feel excited about fighting games again, just in time for EVO 2009.

  Apparently the featured Tekken 6 tourney ended on a bang in a match between Paul Phoenix (ChetChetty) and Marshall Law (Rip). From my experience Paul has always packed a punch, but Law was always a scrub character. Looks like they might have juiced him up this time around.

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Is playing video games too difficult or frusterating for you? Do you ever say to yourself "I get tired of actually playing video games. I mean, there is all the button-pushing, joystick-rotating... and um, mind-using. I wish there was a way to experience games with less actual movement."

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Never Say Never

  Never again! I should just stop saying these words because they, by this time, have no potency remaining. It is no secret to those who know me, that I have attempted to quit DOTA several times, with no avail. Eventually one of my friends, will ask me to play and I will be sucked back in to the addictive MOD.

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The internets yield many fruits

 One of the unexpected side effects of lurking on the bushes of Twitter is that you not only get to stalk some of the most interesting people around the globe.. but you also get some links to some of the best and worst that the internet has to offer.

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DOTA: my favorite game I never play

  DOTA is one my favorite games of all time. It hooks me with it's simplicity and depth, allowing for a rudimentary control scheme lacking in most other RTS games, while still rewarding those who study build orders, hero combinations and attack strategies, with opportunities to dominate those who do not. It is heavily team focused which is its greatest strength, making teamwork a must for a team to be effective. I have spent countless hours in the genre defining Warcraft 3 MOD. Some of my favorite memories with my real life friends involve DOTA. I would say it is a better all around game then most others I play regularly, and a while ago I decided to never play it again.

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(Custom) Content Drop

  The first in the line of LWIG custom video content, GamerBlog episode 1, is up. Check it out here. Please leave comments or suggestions if you have any... I'm hoping to do more custom content and would like to know what others are interested in.

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