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A better guide to Crafting NWN2

I have found what I think is a great guide to crafting, rather than trying to type out something that I know, which is very little at this point, I thought this would help our group far more until I become better at it. Or rather have a character who can craft anything. Being a ½ Orc and having started him out with a different mind set at first, makes it hard to change directions, or at least I think it does. But for the next character I decide to make, I think I will put some emphasis

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Neverwinter Nights 2 Crafting

I have been playing a bit of NWN2 and having a great time with it,  but I remember in NWN i was able to build boots of haste that helped me run and hit faster!  But have not found, or learned how to build these in NWN2... but here is a link to where I might be able to find some of the info I will need to start, so here goes... Hope the rest of you that have been playing with our group from time to time find it useful as well.



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Why I Love DOTA, Lose at DOTA

So last week I was sick, and had to stay home all week. With no tv, I ended up playing a lot of DOTA. I love the team dynamic of DOTA, the strategy involved in successfully ganking, counter-ganking, pushing, and rallying. This requires a lot of communication and cooperation, as well as individual skill.

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(retrospective) PAX Diary | Day 3

  Christy and I made it back safely, and have spent a good portion of the last week dividing up the novelties we acquired through nothing more than a lingering glance at any of the booths in the cornucopian PAX exhibition hall. "Want a tee shirt?" asked the guy under the sign that read Bethesda. "Here, have a League of Legends beta code" said the Riot Games representative, crushing my illusion that I was special for receiving one by e-mail the week prior. "Here take a copy of our free to play MMO." I didn't really want a free to play MMO, but when a beautiful Elf dressed in a white wispy dress hands me something, I see no other option than smile and place the item, regardless of its composition, into my backpack. Only Blizzard entertainment stood miserly, not offering trinkets, but proudly displaying Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and WOW: Cataclysm as if to say: "Come see the games you are going to buy."

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PAX Diary | Day 2

  How do you handle 75,000 people all in the same venue? Lots of lines. the queue system has long been the best method of pushing any large commodity through a bottleneck. Human's as it would appear, are no exception with the allowance that, unlike gumballs, Pez or Cattle they do not particularly like to be in a line. This is where PAX excels. Never was there a time that I was in line that I did not have, something interesting to look at, someone overseeing the line I was in, and interesting people on either side with whom to converse. I guess this is why PAX sells out every year. Even though its quantity of attendees is high, the quality of the attendees and their container (The Washington State Convention Center) is equally as high.

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PAX Diary | Day 1

What does it take to make it to PAX? Some may say you must have endless courage, fierce determination, and a true gamers heart. Some would argue that it would help to have a steady hand on the video camera (Jason promises he is working on that!) I say, if you are from the midwest, it takes a 4 hour plane ride and a little bit of sleep deprivation. Has it been worth it? In a word, yes.

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Just around the corner...

I am a person who likes to be prepared. I plan things out to the smallest detail, sometimes months in advance. I feel more comfortable when I have everything well in hand.The problem that comes from arranging everything months beforehand, besides being labeled as hopelessly un-spontaneous, is that I tend to push all unnecessary information to the back of my mind. So it has been with PAX.

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Excessively more difficult than I anticipated

  Sideline Gaming Ep 6 and 7 are available now... in a way. But, in a more real way they are unavailable due to an issue with my hosting provider that is not allowing my video to be streamed faster than 100kbps. Until I get this sorted out, attempting to stream video through our flash player will have you waiting for a buffer every 10 seconds. Rest assured that I will figure out how to fix this problem in one manner or another. May I suggest downloading the episodes using FDM, or another download manager that supports multiple connections, before watching them.

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Consoles are for...

  "Consoles are for Fighting, Driving and Sports games, PCs are for everything else." I coined this phrase in 1995 shortly after the purchase of my first computer, and the FPS Dark Forces. As if yelling at Rosa Parks to "Get off the Bus", I told PC gaming it did not belong in those genres. Now in 2009, 14 years later with the current generation of video game consoles I realize that I no longer stand by this opinion.

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Ode to External Hard Drives

I recall waiting for your arrival

Like a new father, breathless anticipation

I lifted you with parental tenderness

Out of your cardboard cradle


Oh external hard drive!

Shining bright in your newness

My reflection, inky black complexion

Your smell, fresh plastic perfection


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