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Being Good at Game = True Love!?


I like games. Not only that, but my betrothed likes games as well. I can remember when I was about 10, playing Contra on the NES, and thinking, that I was so good at this, some day Chicks would love me for it! WHO KNEW that about 18 years later I would be at a HALO party in a town where I knew no one and my SKILZ at Halo would lead me to me the woman I am going to marry! 
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Games of 2009 (Love 'Em or Hate Em')

One thing that has struck me about 2009 is the number of games that were able to create an abundance of controversy among friends. Anytime you listen to enough people you will eventually hear someone who disagrees with you, but some games breed discord. Unfortunately, I haven't played many of them so I can't usually weigh in when the discussions get heated and pros and cons are thrown into the ring. Perhaps in some ways this is a positive, for I can listen to the opinions of others, while remaining (somewhat) unbiased. Here are some of the most controversial:

Review: Borderlands

  In winter semester of 2000, after only 3 short months of owning it, I was forced to uninstall Diablo 2 from my PC. I have always been a fan of video games, and from time to time they tend to get in the way of my real life, but none of them have aggressively confiscated all of my free time, like Blizzard's action RPG. I was in my second year of college and my English credits required that I write a paper a week, something I quickly found out was not going to happen unless I removed Diablo 2 from my computer so I wouldn’t be tempted to play it instead of doing my assignments. 

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Games of 2009 (that I haven't quite finished)

I spent 30 minutes this morning re-installing Fallout 3 and getting my Windows Live ID to login so I could retrieve my save games. I'm pretty sure I only have a few hours left (Steam reports my current hours logged in Fallout at almost 70), but Fallout is not alone in the list of games from 2009 that I have yet to finish. Some I have yet to start.

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Don't call it a comeback

  In the weeks prior Sideline Gaming has been delayed by site upgrades, lots of work at my real job and Left 4 Dead 2. Finally, this week Christy and I got on the same page and recorded episode 9.

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Greetings from whispering oaks

Dear Adaline,

Who knew a zombie apocalypse would be so grand? New infected, new weapons and chainsaws all have made these past few days bearable. This one time coach told me that he was going to throw me off the top of the shopping mall and leave me to the zombies if I shot him one more time. He totally didn't though, even when I started him and Nick on fire instead of helping them up.

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Left 4 Dead Weapons info

Here is a "easy to read" guide to the useful information on all of the firearms in Left 4 Dead 2. All this info was pulled from Steam I cleaned it up and took out any information that wasn't clear.

There seems to still be conflicting information on melee weapons at this time. The stated damage numbers don't seem to jive with the real game play effectiveness, for that reason I have left that info off at this time.

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Mario is Freaking Metal

In the past the DJ Incompetent over at drunken gamers radio has directed me to some of the coolest music videos on the web. This week is no exception. His latest find entitled "Mario Death Metal" is both aweful and amazing in perfect sychronization. 

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I take it all back

  There was a time when I questioned the competence of the Modern Warfare marketing team. My opinion of them now could not be more different. They may be the most competent, devious and highly skilled manipulators of human collective interest ever to work for a video game studio. I would perhaps venture to say they are the best in the entertainment industry.

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Goose bumps

 It could be said that the promotional machine behind Modern Warfare 2 is run by monkeys.

  In my opinion, the Modern Warfare 2 marketing campaign had a rough start. After kicking off with a teaser of no real value at GDC 09 in March, Activision released a commercial advertising the second teaser trailer set to play during the NBA finals. Although the second teaser showed actual in-engine scenes, it was cut like an action movie, flipping back and forth quickly between scenes with seemingly no cohesive thread between them. That coupled with the recursive nature of the previous commercial advertising it, turned me off. Next up was a multiplayer trailer, clearly geared to excite fans of the previous game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since I have long intended to play COD:MW but never actually had, it was impossible for me to distinguish the differences between what the trailer showed and it's predecessor had been delivering, save the "customized kill streaks" spelled out at the front of the trailer. 3 strikes and your out Activision.

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