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Great Scott!

  Telltale is at it again. They are giving away a pair of episodes to their adventure games. The first is for their classic and most popular franchise Sam and Max. This Hallow's Eve flavored episode is entitled "Night of the Raving Dead" and is only available free from their website until the candy dealers close on Halloween night. Go get it. The second is a preview of their upcoming series based on the time traveling, Huey Lewis powered, 80's masterpiece Back to the Future. Episode 1 is free until an undisclosed point in the space-time continuum, however I suspect it will cost you something when it is released in November. 

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DOTA is a stupid name

  DOTA is in the gaming news again. It seems that Valve, after acquiring "Icefrog", the current Warcraft 3 DOTA maintainer, has filed a trademark for DOTA 2. This has since caused fireworks amongst, both the map's original  creators (now owners and operators of League of Legends) and Blizzard's lead game designer, Rob Pardo. Both parties cited that DOTA (an acronym for Defense of the Ancients) should be reserved for the "community" and not belong to any one owner.

  I agree with that criticism, however what is more troubling to me is that DOTA has spawned new genre of video game and not one of it's new implementors (Valve, Blizzard, Riot, S3...) have thought seriously into naming that genre. Retail boxes, and marketing materials for these new products have nothing better than references to DOTA.  Meanwhile these companies seem content to have their creations refered to only as a likeness of the original, a Warcraft 3 mod that is nearly 5 years old. This is especially troubling to me when each of these subsequent offerings brings something new to help advance that genre. I would think that they would like some way of branding those advancements.

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We all knew this day would come.

When Tony Hawk: Ride came out it immediately started competing for the prize of "which game with overly large packaging can gather the most volume of dust". Other contestants included DJ Hero, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Being that Ride clearly was the worst offering in this category (as far as gameplay... the largeness of it's packaging was spectacular) we all knew that it would be on it's way to the bargain bin rather quickly. Big box stores simply don't have the shelf space to keep paperweights like that game around for long.

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I like the cut of your trailer

  I still remember reading the post on Joystiq announcing to the world the existence of the l4d SDK. The first thing that ran through my head was "in about a year there is going to be some awesome content coming for that game." Since then there has been plenty of rumors of promising projects, but none that have capitalized on the full potential that is: brand new full length campaigns for left 4 dead.

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Humble Indie Bundle

A bundle of Indie games has become available called Humble Indie Bundle. Included are: World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru, Penumbra Overture and now, Samorost 2. Price? you decide.

Your payment can be divided between the developers of the games and charity (including Child's Play and EFF).

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  In breaking news today, it was announced that Bungie, a former subsidiary of the Microsoft corporation and originators of the Halo intellectual property, has signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision.

  While most people grapple with the "Why did Bungie choose Activision?" question, it is fairly clear to me that the reasoning was more fiscally motivated than anything. They wanted to make a new IP and were not satisfied with the budget allowed them by being independent. what interests me more is if they are even capable of making a new IP with a world compelling enough to warrant Activisions interest.

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Modern Warfare Deluxe

  I played Modern Warfare 2 online multiplayer for the first time last weekend and I finally understand. I understand what makes this game so popular, why it gathers a huge following, and what allows it to continue to grow even with the enormous amount of disaccord generated by it's core 18-35 male demographic. I would liken it to Peggle.

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Giving MW2 a roll

  Infinity Ward's blockbuster Modern Warfare 2 and I have a kind of love/hate relationship. While I love the idea of a  competent, well designed modern military FPS, I dispise the thought of spending $60 for it. In addition, it is $60 to a company commited, not to making quality video games, but only to making money.

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HON open beta begins tonight

  Although League of Legends has been treating me well, there seems to always be room for one more HAG (Hero Arena Game.) The "one more" this time is Heroes Of Newerth, a straight remake of Dota using an all new engine.

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Games of 2009 (Love 'Em or Hate Em')

One thing that has struck me about 2009 is the number of games that were able to create an abundance of controversy among friends. Anytime you listen to enough people you will eventually hear someone who disagrees with you, but some games breed discord. Unfortunately, I haven't played many of them so I can't usually weigh in when the discussions get heated and pros and cons are thrown into the ring. Perhaps in some ways this is a positive, for I can listen to the opinions of others, while remaining (somewhat) unbiased. Here are some of the most controversial:

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