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Gameplay...my friend

it was only a matter of time.. left 4 dead 2 gameplay movies.

Note the new music.


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Next person that complains...

E3 is upon us and big news pours through the internets into my lap like my son's milk when he doesn't use a "sippy." Final Fantasy VII for PS3/PSP, PSP GO, God of War III and even Final Fantasy XIV made appearances so far at the gargantuan convention. What seems to be drawing the most attention, something no one ever expected, is that Valve will be releasing left 4 dead 2 on November 17th.

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UT or Not UT

Steam is offering UT 3 free this weekend. the free-ness is only active until June 4th then it becomes $19.99 again.


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Recently there has been a lot of buzz over the supposed leak of footage from the third project from Team ICO (Ico, Shadow of the Collosus.) The HD trailer is available on YouTube and originated at playstation lifestyle. To me it looks like viral marketing of old footage, so that we will all be blown away by the new footage revealed at E3. Sam Kennedy of 1up.com stated that he saw this same footage in early 2008 (Good Grief Podcast 5-26-2009), which only solidifies my belief.

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Memorial Day soft launch

Although LWIG has been up for roughly a month now, it has been devoid of content. That is why I have been working out a few details on my dev site in hopes to add a few more features before I have to deal implementing changes in a living, growing site.

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LWIG going live

After 3 months of work it is finally ready to go live.

My primary goal with Last Word in Gaming is to have reviews linked to personality profiles, giving the users of this site an opportunity to weigh the review against the author's profile, obtaining a more accurate representation of the author likes and dislikes hereby giving the score, more or less weight in their purchasing decisions. IGN, UGO, 1UP, GiantBomb, Gamespy, GamesRadar and about a hundred other gaming sites across the internet contain reviews of video games and Metacritic aggregates them effectively so there is really very little room for more faceless reviews. At LWIG we will aim to get profiles of current video game review authors and allow you view them along side their reviews to decide if you are likely to agree with the score offered up at the end.

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