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We all knew this day would come.

When Tony Hawk: Ride came out it immediately started competing for the prize of "which game with overly large packaging can gather the most volume of dust". Other contestants included DJ Hero, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Being that Ride clearly was the worst offering in this category (as far as gameplay... the largeness of it's packaging was spectacular) we all knew that it would be on it's way to the bargain bin rather quickly. Big box stores simply don't have the shelf space to keep paperweights like that game around for long.

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Games of 2009 (Love 'Em or Hate Em')

One thing that has struck me about 2009 is the number of games that were able to create an abundance of controversy among friends. Anytime you listen to enough people you will eventually hear someone who disagrees with you, but some games breed discord. Unfortunately, I haven't played many of them so I can't usually weigh in when the discussions get heated and pros and cons are thrown into the ring. Perhaps in some ways this is a positive, for I can listen to the opinions of others, while remaining (somewhat) unbiased. Here are some of the most controversial:

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Games of 2009 (that I haven't quite finished)

I spent 30 minutes this morning re-installing Fallout 3 and getting my Windows Live ID to login so I could retrieve my save games. I'm pretty sure I only have a few hours left (Steam reports my current hours logged in Fallout at almost 70), but Fallout is not alone in the list of games from 2009 that I have yet to finish. Some I have yet to start.

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PAX Diary | Day 1

What does it take to make it to PAX? Some may say you must have endless courage, fierce determination, and a true gamers heart. Some would argue that it would help to have a steady hand on the video camera (Jason promises he is working on that!) I say, if you are from the midwest, it takes a 4 hour plane ride and a little bit of sleep deprivation. Has it been worth it? In a word, yes.

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Just around the corner...

I am a person who likes to be prepared. I plan things out to the smallest detail, sometimes months in advance. I feel more comfortable when I have everything well in hand.The problem that comes from arranging everything months beforehand, besides being labeled as hopelessly un-spontaneous, is that I tend to push all unnecessary information to the back of my mind. So it has been with PAX.

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Ode to External Hard Drives

I recall waiting for your arrival

Like a new father, breathless anticipation

I lifted you with parental tenderness

Out of your cardboard cradle


Oh external hard drive!

Shining bright in your newness

My reflection, inky black complexion

Your smell, fresh plastic perfection


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Is playing video games too difficult or frusterating for you? Do you ever say to yourself "I get tired of actually playing video games. I mean, there is all the button-pushing, joystick-rotating... and um, mind-using. I wish there was a way to experience games with less actual movement."

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