I like the cut of your trailer

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  I still remember reading the post on Joystiq announcing to the world the existence of the l4d SDK. The first thing that ran through my head was "in about a year there is going to be some awesome content coming for that game." Since then there has been plenty of rumors of promising projects, but none that have capitalized on the full potential that is: brand new full length campaigns for left 4 dead.

  That is until now. Joystiq again brought my attention to "I Hate Mountains" a 5 map, full length campaign for the original left 4 dead. I have yet to actually play this campaign, (I'll have to make a steam event soon to remedy that issue) but from the looks of things this might be what I was talking about last year.

Either these guys know what they are doing, or they spent all their time on the trailer.

Because it..... looks.... awesome.