Greetings from whispering oaks

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Dear Adaline,

Who knew a zombie apocalypse would be so grand? New infected, new weapons and chainsaws all have made these past few days bearable. This one time coach told me that he was going to throw me off the top of the shopping mall and leave me to the zombies if I shot him one more time. He totally didn't though, even when I started him and Nick on fire instead of helping them up.

I couldn't ask for a better crew though. As a team we learned that the best way to get a bunch of gas cans from multiple floors of a mall into the gas tank of a car on display on the ground floor, is to throw them all into the atrium then fill the car. We also learned that the AI director gets very angry in Chapter 4 of Dark Carnival, forcing you to run a gauntlet and then placing a witch at the end... in the doorway of the safe room.

We are all still alive though, at least most of us.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


greetings from whispering oaks


Update: Here are some more shots and a video of our adventures:

Is it safe? I don't know, Whispering Oaks looks fun. Are we "this tall?"

I don't have to prove anything.

Update: We also tried out some of the "Survival" mode