Great Scott!

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  Telltale is at it again. They are giving away a pair of episodes to their adventure games. The first is for their classic and most popular franchise Sam and Max. This Hallow's Eve flavored episode is entitled "Night of the Raving Dead" and is only available free from their website until the candy dealers close on Halloween night. Go get it. The second is a preview of their upcoming series based on the time traveling, Huey Lewis powered, 80's masterpiece Back to the Future. Episode 1 is free until an undisclosed point in the space-time continuum, however I suspect it will cost you something when it is released in November. 



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I'm in for 2! I think my total of free games from Telltale is up to 5 now. However, it did result in me buying an additional 4 games, so I guess their strategery is working.