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  In breaking news today, it was announced that Bungie, a former subsidiary of the Microsoft corporation and originators of the Halo intellectual property, has signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision.

  While most people grapple with the "Why did Bungie choose Activision?" question, it is fairly clear to me that the reasoning was more fiscally motivated than anything. They wanted to make a new IP and were not satisfied with the budget allowed them by being independent. what interests me more is if they are even capable of making a new IP with a world compelling enough to warrant Activisions interest.

   Since the Halo franchise still belongs to Microsoft, this is obviously a attempt on Activision's part to get rolling with some "blockbuster" fresh IP, something that Activision as a publisher has been lacking for a while now.  Good IP is not only comprised of rock solid game/control mechanics but of an interesting and compelling world. While Bungie has proven to be masters of the former, I have yet to see in any of their offerings sufficiency in the later. Marathon, Myth and even the beloved Halo are all fairly simple cookie cutters of fantasy/science fiction archetypes. Their only IP that is fairly interesting (to me at least) is ONI.

  Maybe Bungie has a card up their sleeve that made Activision willing to bet on them or it could just be that Activision is aroused by the "from the makers of Halo" title that they will now be allowed. I guess we will have to wait and see.



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I like Bungievision better. Activision probably wants their name first I guess... it's a shame.