We all knew this day would come.

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When Tony Hawk: Ride came out it immediately started competing for the prize of "which game with overly large packaging can gather the most volume of dust". Other contestants included DJ Hero, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Being that Ride clearly was the worst offering in this category (as far as gameplay... the largeness of it's packaging was spectacular) we all knew that it would be on it's way to the bargain bin rather quickly. Big box stores simply don't have the shelf space to keep paperweights like that game around for long. I guess I just didn't figure on it falling this low, this quickly. (expired link, was to OneSaleADay.com, which had Ride on sale for $30.)


It's OK, Tony Hawk: Ride. You can always look back and remember how you won that Dust-Gathering prize.



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 I don't know... $30 is still a lot for that game, which I hear is mad broken.